Preparation for 2028 Olympics Begins

The 2028 Olympic games will take place close to home in Los Angeles and the preparations for this major international multi-sport event are happening now.

 This event will be the first summer games to be held in the US since 1996. 

The International Olympic Committee was pleased to give Los Angeles an additional $1.8 billion of funding since they plan to use a record-breaking number of existing facilities.

The games will take place at existing and temporary venues throughout LA with a budget of about $6.9 billion. 

Some locations include Grand Park, the Los Angeles Convention Center, the USC Village, the Long Beach Waterfront, Santa Monica State Beach, Venice Beach and Dodger Stadium. 

The International Olympic Committee agreed for the Olympics to consist of 28 “core” sports and no more than 10,500 athletes. 

Some sports expected include water polo, basketball, canoeing, track, mountain biking, field hockey, sailing, surfing, skateboarding, beach volleyball and archery.

PVHS Spanish teacher and volleyball coach Patrick Lynch is excited to watch the Olympic athletes compete. 

“For the summer games I enjoy watching volleyball,” Lynch said. 

“I love watching swimming and I think track and field is really exciting when it gets to the gold medal races.”

LA residents are excited that the games will be happening nearby. 

LA28, the Olympic planning website, recognizes Los Angeles as a unique city where the Summer Olympics will flourish, noting that, “Los Angeles is an amazing sports and entertainment city with diverse cultures, a youthful energy and a cutting-edge vibe.”

“I’m really excited because it will give us a chance to see the Olympics in-person,” said Lynch. 

“And I think it will be an opportunity for the city of Los Angeles to showcase all of the great things that it has to offer to the world.”