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Introducing PVHS’s Newest Sport

Flag football has been introduced to many Southern California schools. 

At PV, it has become very popular within the sports community. 

This is the first year there has been an opportunity for girls to play flag football at our high school. 

It’s new, exciting and the girls have never been more ready to kick off.

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The popularity of the sport is growing and flag football will be brought into the Summer Olympics at the Sofi Stadium in 2028. 

Ashley Hughes, the Flag Football Head Coach, is very happy to be part of this new chapter.

 “I have always been super interested in football… It’s a really good opportunity for women in sports to have flag football on campus and I wanted that opportunity to be available for the girls,” Hughes said.

 “It’s going to be brought into the Olympics, and they’re starting to do scholarships, so having that program here on campus is going to help people.” 

To ensure a successful season, the flag football team has been committed to rigorous practices. 

Four days a week for an hour and a half, practices include drills to help team members develop skills and scrimmages to help their plays run smoothly. 

“It’s definitely a learning experience since it is a new sport but I can’t wait to see how the sport is going to grow throughout the years,” junior Hannah Andersson said. 

She previously played lacrosse and volleyball. 

“I don’t have any experience with flag football and neither do any of our other girls, but we all are experienced athletes who are also participating in other sports here on campus,” Andersson said. 

Andersson plans on playing until she graduates.

Playing for the team is a great opportunity to meet new people and build connections. 

“It’s really fun, and it’s a really special opportunity because I know a lot of other people don’t get to do this, so it’s very exciting,” said freshman Lyla Benton. 

Benton has a history of playing softball when she is not scoring touchdowns on the field.

Vibrant school spirit is present at these games with Varsity Cheer and Varsity Song performing on the sidelines while Red Tide leaders play music to keep the crowd cheering. 

“There is a lot of energy on and around the field during the flag football games. I really like watching them make plays and run around the field,” said Varsity cheerleader Kate Warner. 

“If it wasn’t for cheer I would have tried out for flag football,” Warner said.

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(Photos by Claire Auer)

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