The MLB returns with New Rules and a Surprise Contender

The MLB regular season is underway.Many fans around the country are excited about the MLB season to begin and to watch their favorite teams compete for the World Series. 

The favorites to win this years World Series are the defending champion Houston Astros, followed by the New York Yankees led by superstar Aaron Judge. 

The loal Los Angeles Dodgers are in the mix again, as core players Mookie Betts and Freedie Freeman are returning to lead the team. 

On the other side of Los Angeles, Shoehei Ohtani and Mike Trout are leading the Angels in what is a playoff hopeful season. 

  “I think the Angels are an underdog team to be good this year since they added lots of depth and have the two best players in the league,” said Nicholas Yanney. 

This season, the MLB has incorperated many different rules. One of the biggest rule changes this year is the new pitch clock.

This pitch clock is a way for the games to speed up and keep fans more interested in the games. 

The rule has it so if no one is on base, the pitcher can get 15 seconds before he throws his next pitch. 

With runners on base, the time goes up to 20 seconds. 

 “I think the pitch clock is good for the game because the games are more sped up which makes them more entertaining,” Yanney said. 

Although some fans are in favor of the pitch clock, some think that the MLB overdid it.  

“I feel like the pitch clock was the right idea, but they overdid it,” Nicholas Oreb said. 

“I think that they should give the pitchers and batters a little more time”. 

Along with the pitch clock, the MLB has incorperated bigger basses to try to decrease collisions while offensive players are sliding in the act of running and stealing bases. 

The bases previously have been 15 inches squre, but now will be 18 inches square. 

As of Monday, April 12, the Tampa Bay Rays are off to a 11-0 start which is the best start of any Major League Baseball team since the 1987 Milwaukee Brewers. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros have not lived up to their championship reputation so far as the Dodgers as of April 12 have a 6-6 record and the Astros have an under .500 record of 5-7.