Natalie Wang Goes the Distance


(Photo courtesy of Frank Ponce)

Sophie Stoddart, Reporter

Junior Natalie Wang began her running career at PVIS, and she was immediately recognized as a talented runner by her coach, Scott Reid. 

“The first day Natalie ran with us as a sixth grader, [we] could tell she was special,” Reid said. 

“She was about four foot nothing, but it was obvious she had big time talent.” 

Wang discovered her love for the sport in middle school. 

“I’m not really sure why I started, but I just signed up for the cross country program and started showing up to practices, and I discovered that it’s something that I really liked.”  

Before her middle school running career ended, Wang had already qualified for highly competitive championship competitions. 

“That winter, she was the only middle school runner to qualify for the State High School Winter Championships in the 1500m,” Reid said. 

“So she was only an 8th grader and already racing some of the best high school girls in the country.” 

Over the years, Wang has discovered that with running, also comes furthering relationships with her teammates. 

“My favorite part of running is the people I get to run with,” Wang said. 

Wang has also uses running as a way to de-stress. 

“For me, running is something I can always go to no matter how stressed or tired I am,” Wang said. 

During her high school career, Wang has made great contributions to the PVHS Cross Country and Track and Field team.

“She came in as a high-achieving middle school runner, so we knew that she would be a big contributor to the team,” PVHS coach Brian Shapiro said. 

“She has been a top runner and a leader for three years, and she’s just a ton of fun to work with everyday.” 

During her time at Palos Verdes high school, Wang has placed within the top ten at the Cross Country CIF finals and placed 15th at the CIF State Cross Country Finals. 

Wang’s high school coaches have enjoyed every moment of coaching her and are excited for what is to come. 

“It’s been an absolute pleasure coaching her. She is very committed,” coach Kevin Farrington said. 

“She is the perfect example of the type of person you would want to coach.”