Boys Soccer Dribbles Through Another Successful Season

Chris Vasey, Reporter

Starting off the season 0-3, the Boys Varsity Soccer team triumphed through many struggles and have successfully turned their season around. The boys now have a record of 12-6-3 as of February 3,  and are looking forward to CIF playoffs. 

“The season didn’t start out great because we ended up losing a couple games in a row, but after that we really turned things around and we have been undefeated except for losing to Mira Costa,” senior Jordan Kapner said. 

The team started the season with a disheartening 0-3 loss to Harvard Westlake followed by another loss to Cabrillo a few days later. Despite the unfortunate results of the first few games, PV Sea Kings perservered and made a comeback with the help of varsity coach Derek Larkins. 

“I think what makes the team special is that Coach Larkins really wants us to develop and grow as teammates,” junior Peter Chang said. 

“He is always trying to help us become better people and introduces us to role models [who] we can look up to.” 

Along with learning lessons, the players have also made memories together that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 

Many players on the team have stated that they are very close and it’s more of a brotherhood than a team. The supportive environment that they created for the team is a major part of their comeback during this difficult season.

 “My favorite moments with the team are almost all from when we hang out after our games and practices,” junior Brian Carroll said.

“The best was when the whole team went to [Buffalo Wild Wings] together and just had fun.”

Not only have the players made great memories off the field, but they have also made many fun memories on the soccer field.

“My favorite moment this year was probably our first game against Redondo because Oliver Knotek scored the winning free kick goal with four minutes left and hit a backflip after,” Kapner said.

The team’s culture and coaches have been a big part of this team’s success. The collaborative culture and the experienced coaches motivated the team to push through initial challenges and turn their season around dramatically.

“There are a lot of things that make PVHS soccer so special, but I think it is our culture that really sets us apart,” Kapner said. 

“The coaches make sure that we really stay connected to our culture from the past and continue certain traditions. This culture also gives us something to play for.” 

After a season filled with ups and downs, the players have learned many life lessons that will be useful in all areas of their lives for many years to come.

“So far I have learned that even if you start out badly, it is never too late to put the work in and turn things around,” Kapner said.