Typrowicz is Quick

Co-captain Jake Typrowicz leads the XC pack

Sophie Stoddart, Reporter

Senior Jake Typrowicz is a decorated cross country runner, leading his teammates to success in many races. 

“Three of us ran the 400 meter and we won first, second, and third in it which was a very exciting moment for us,” Typrowicz said.

Typrowicz shared that he runs for many different reasons.

“I run for my teammates, fitness, and it’s a good way to de-stress,” Typrowicz said.

Typrowicz has personal goals for himself and the team. The two main goals are to win CIF and to potentially win State as well. In order to reach their goals and do well on race days, the cross country team has to follow a training schedule consisting of weekly workouts. 

“Going into a workout I always tell myself that it’s going to be tough, but I know I can get through it,” Typrowicz said. “I keep myself motivated during workouts by just focusing on moving and continuing to run.” 

While participating in long distance racing, there are mental hurdles that must be overcome.

“I definitely start to think negatively,” Typrowicz said. “I try to take myself out of it by thinking positively like ‘400 meters to go’ or ‘half a mile left.’”

As Typrowicz has been racing for PVHS in his four years, his coaches have seen him improve as a runner. 

“I have been coaching Typie for four years,” running coach Kevin Farrington said. “There are a number of different memories throughout Typie’s running career. Probably my favorite is the most recent, where he ran fifteen flat at the Woodbridge Invitational, which was a three mile race, and he actually realized how good he can be and currently is.”  

Typrowicz always tries to make a lasting impact on others like his role models have made on him. He shared that he looks up to a group of seniors that were on the team during his sophomore year.

“They led the team really well, and they were great role models,” Typrowicz said. “I look up to them in both running as well as leadership.”

As a runner, Typrowicz has learned many lessons which have changed his life for the better.

“Throughout running I have definitely learned how to take care of myself (by taking) vitamins, hydrating myself, and eating properly to stay healthy,” Typrowicz said. “I’ve learned how to be a good teammate towards those around me and be supportive of my friends.”

Typrowicz has considered what running will be to him in the future. 

“I do intend to run in college either as a collegiate athlete or intramurally,” Typrowicz said. 

“I think running will be something that is always in my life,” Typrowicz said. 

“It’s something that I have a love for, a way to stay in good shape and a passion [which I can constantly] to improve upon.”