Girls Tennis Dominates Bay League


(Photo courtesy of Mark Thompson)

Chris Vasey, Reporter

The PV High Girls Tennis Team are officially Bay League Champions. 

The team has had an amazing start to the season so far, losing only a few matches to Arcadia and Westlake and going undefeated in Bay League matches. 

The team-oriented environment has positively impacted many players on the team.

 “Being on the tennis team has helped me become louder as a person, and come out of my introverted shell,” senior Naomi Kao said. 

The construction of the team benefited many players as underclassmen could learn from other teammates’ experiences. 

 “It has helped me become a better player by playing with people better than me and learning from each other to improve our game,” freshman Kylie Vasey said.  

Winning the Bay League did not come easy, as the team faced hardships throughout the year.

 “This year our hardest match was probably against Westlake during our San Diego tournament,” Kao said. “We tied 3-3 in matches, but lost by 10 games.”

Having the team supporting the players during their match is very different because tennis is usually a single person sport. 

However, the rest of the team watching and supporting seems to help many of the players push through in hard matches. 

 “I’ve learned a lot about team support and people’s mental strength,” Kao said. “Tennis is a very mental sport, but when you have a dozen team members behind you, it makes playing so much more fun. And you not only play for yourself, but you play for your team too.”

Many players on the team have expressed the enjoyment of competing against others and the fun that comes with the team like environment. 

“We are always fighting hard during our matches, but we always make sure that we are having fun and enjoying ourselves,” Vasey said.

The PVHS Girls Tennis Team have had an outstanding season so far and we all can hope they can continue this success as the 4th seed in the Open Division of CIF.