Astros Win the World Series over the Phillies

Aaron Propst, Reporter

Every October, fans around the world enjoy the suspense of watching the MLB playoffs and players make a name for themselves with great play in a quest for a World Series Championship.

Some of PVHS’s staff were heavily invested in watching the Dodgers this postseason. 

“It’s baseball, anything can happen,” baseball coach Alex Morales said at the start of the playoff season. “It is a short series but I am rooting for the Dodgers. I think they proved that they are the best team over the regular season.”

The Astros were dominant in their path to the World Series as they swept through the divisional round and championship round. 

The Astros played on a high level all season. They had the best record in the American League at 106 wins and 56 losses. The Astros are a very controversial baseball team as they were caught sign stealing in their 2017 championship season.

“I hate them,” Morales said. “But they’re loaded, man, they’re tough, and I expect[ed] them to come out of the American League.” 

The Philadelphia Phillies came into the World Series as the “Cinderella” of MLB. They were the lowest seed in the National League, and were thought of by many as the worst team in the playoffs. 

They proceeded to play their best baseball at the perfect time. They took down the St. Louis Cardinals, defending champion Atlanta Braves and the San Diego Padres en route to their world series berth. 

The World Series was an entertaining clash between the two teams. At one point, the Phillies lead the series two games to one. Then, the Astros rattled off three wins in a row. 

In the Astros’ game six-clinching win, Astros’ Yordan Alvarez hit a three run home run to give the Astros a 3-to-1 lead in route to a 4-1 World Series clinching win.