PVHS Girls Volleyball Team Begins Strong Season With a Splash in Hawaii Tournament


PVHS Girls Volleyball Team after placing third in the Hawaii tournament. (Photo courtesy of Tatum Lane)

Lucia Ruiz, Editor-in-Chief

Girls volleyball had a very successful season last year, tying for second in Bay League Championships, placing third in their summer tournament in Hawaii, and beating teams that they had not beaten in years. 

The girls are continuing their momentum and are headed toward another impressive season.  

One of the reasons that the team is so successful is because of their great team chemistry. 

Through spending so much time with each other, the team bonds and forms valuable relationships which sophomore player Ryan Thurlow says improves their team’s performance.  

“I’ve made really good connections with all the girls. We have a great team overall. If you have a good connection with your teammates then everything works out,” Thurlow said.  

Senior volleyball (position) Meg Walsh agrees. 

“Our chemistry on and off the court really makes the team. Last year, I have never been part of a team that was so close. It’s super fun to play with everyone and our energy is always good on the court,” Walsh said. 

To facilitate a healthy playing environment, seniors Tatum Lane and Walsh lead the team as captains.  

“Tatum and I are captains together. We maintain a positive attitude on the court. That’s a really big part of volleyball: just staying positive. When we play loose and comfortable is when we play our best. We make sure everyone’s focused during practice, too,” Walsh said.  

With such an efficient and lively team and a record as impressive as last year’s, the girls have big hopes for the coming season. 

“Our main goal this year is to win Bay League. Of course, winning CIF is important too, but we are focusing on Bay League,” Walsh said. 

The school has a lot of pride in the girls’ team which motivates them even further. 

“It’s a really fun environment [at games]. Especially with a big Red Tide crowd. It’s super fun when we have a loud environment,” Walsh said.  

Over the summer, the girls went to Hawaii to compete in the pre-season Ann Kang Invitational Volleyball Tournament at the Iolani School in Honolulu, Hawaii.   

“[Going to Hawaii as a team] was super fun. We all played really well,” Thurlow said.  

Not only is the team special because of their achievements, but they are also an especially young team, with four of the fifteen players being underclassmen. 

“It’s really special how young our team is and how we still get along so well. When there’s a big age gap, sometimes that makes it hard for the team to get along but that hasn’t been an issue and we’re all really close so it’s super fun to play together,” Walsh said.