The Retirement of Tom Brady

Aaron Paik, Reporter

With the retirement of Tom Brady, sports fans were both devastated and happy. 

With rumors spreading after his loss against the Los Angeles Rams, he made it official at the beginning of February. 

With one of the most prolific careers in sports history, Tom Brady finished his career with 15 Pro Bowl selections, seven Super Bowl rings, five Super Bowl Awards, three Regular-Season MVP Awards and two Offensive Player of the Year awards. 

Statistically, he finished with 7,263 completions, 84,520 yards and 624 touchdowns.

Tom Brady’s retirement left many fans with many different reactions. 

“My most fond memory of Tom Brady was his 28-3 comeback against the Falcons in Super Bowl 51,” sophomore Zander Zupon said. “In my opinion he is the Greatest of All Time. I was completely shocked when he retired. I still thought he had a few seasons left. And to be honest, I don’t see him coming back.”

“My favorite memory is when Tom Brady lost twice to Eli Manning,” sophomore Michael Clemons said. “He definitely isn’t the GOAT. I was full of joy when he retired. And I hope he doesn’t come back.”

“By far my favorite memory of Tom Brady was last season when the Saints beat the Buccaneers in the regular season 38-3,” sophomore Christian Marr said. “I believe that Brady is the most accoladed football player in history, but not the most talented. When I heard the news of the retirement, I was beyond shocked, as well as happy. And I do believe that Brady will be back.”