PVHS Sophomore Picks up the Pace on the Track


Freshman Cole Foster and sophomore Alex Naehu at track practice. (Photo by Chloe Choi)

Chloe Choi, Reporter

Sophomore Alex Naehu, who has been running cross country since sixth grade has learned valuable lessons while collecting various achievements. 

Naehu began running at PVIS because his older sister, Lauren Naehu, was running cross country and track at PVHS. His father and grandfather also ran during high school. Although his family had a strong influence, his biggest inspiration came from his PVIS coach, Scott Reid. 

“The person I look up to most is [Reid], Naehu said. “He coaches at PVlS and he’s the main reason why I started the sport. He was just so encouraging…[and] he was running out there everyday working with us.” 

Naehu was first on the team for all three years at PVIS and one of his biggest accomplishments was in eighth grade when he was invited to the Alan Webb Invitational, a national competition for the best youth runners in each state. 

“We grew closer as a team and as friends over those three years at PVIS,” Naehu said. 

“When it came to high school everything was new but we had a great group of seniors who welcomed me, a lost freshman. As all freshmen are, I was lost and stupid.” 

Naehu received praise from freshman and teammate Cole Foster.

“Alex is a great influence on and off the field and is great to be around,” Foster said. 

“He’s very inspirational and inspires me to work hard. He’s always making everyone laugh and getting us through long runs. He’s an overall very hard worker which helps us work towards a common goal as a team.” 

“Alex has a ton of talent, a gift that other kids don’t have,” cross country coach Brian Shapiro said. 

“Just by being out there running, doing things others can’t, other people want to achieve that too. He’s a great model to show others how to work hard and improve.”