Twinning and Winning: Two Freshmen Sisters Take on D1 Varsity Volleyball


Twins Molly and Mallory LaBreche pose with the Tesoro Championship Trophy. (Photo courtesy of Mallory LaBreche)

Quinn Kearns, Reporter

The fall season has brought in many talented athletes, especially from this year’s freshman class.

After a long year of school online, the girls’ varsity volleyball team welcomed a few new members. Even with having younger members on the team, girls’ volleyball took first place in the gold division at the Orange County Tesoro Championship Tournament.

“The first game was good,” freshman varsity player Molly LaBreche said. “I was really nervous at first but the second I got the ball it was super fun. Playing really helped me shake my nerves away.”

Even though they are new to high school, Molly and her twin Mallory are not new to the sport. They started playing when they were eight years old and have been playing Surfside volleyball for about six years.

“We got into it because our dad’s friend was doing lessons and I kind of just fell in love with it. It’s super fun getting to travel and play,” said LaBreche.

Although volleyball has been a big part of the twin’s life, school also plays a major role. Having a fall sport and balancing the beginning of the school year has been more than time consuming.

“It’s stressful at times but when I know I have games I try to do as much homework as I can beforehand.” LaBreche said. “I just try to be aware of what I have to do and how much time I have to finish my work.”

On Sept. 24, the girls’ volleyball team won against league rival Redondo Union for the first time since 2008.

“It was really exciting to win, especially because we haven’t beaten them in a long time,” LaBreche said.

Playing a team sport centers a lot around teamwork and a player’s relationship with the rest of the team. Being new members on the team is a hard adjustment to make, especially when you are used to playing with other players, but not for Mallory and Molly.

“We actually knew a lot of the older girls because they played on the older Surfside teams,” Labreche said.

Being on a new team is scary enough, but being on a team with people who are much older is terrifying.

“I was nervous at first but then everyone turned out to be really welcoming.”