Professional Sports Make a Comeback

McKenzie Olsen, Reporter

In July 2020 Major League Baseball and NBA basketball announced that they would be back. Both leagues announced that they would be playing shortened seasons with playoffs, and just like that, professional sports were back. After their return many professional leagues followed. 

Though many expressed concerns and even doubts about the return, students seemed almost universally pleased with sports coming back. The return of professional sports symbolizes something even bigger: a longed hope to go back to normal which comes with in person schooling and high school sports. 

However, players and fans knew that their seasons, games, and virtually everything about their sport would be different this year, especially the fact the stadiums will be empty. The only way professional sports were able to start again was if they followed all the CDC’s guidelines. 

“I’m pretty sure we all missed pro sports, the feeling of pro sports coming back is fantastic because we all get to watch the sports and players we love,” sophomore Garren Rizzo said. “Empty stadiums of course suck, but it is sports and we can watch them on tv.” 

With stadiums now empty, many feel that when watching professional sports on tv the excitement and competitiveness has diminished; while others are just excited to have professional sports return to national television. 

“It didn’t have the same atmosphere it usually has. So it wasn’t as exciting,” senior, Rachel Post said. 

However other students feel differently. The return of professional sports also brought students across the country hope for the return of their own sports. 

“We might just have a chance to be able to start our sports back up,” senior Jared Douglas said. 

Sports play a big role at Palos Verdes Highschool, and many are hoping they’ll be able to compete this year. Research shows that watching professional sports provide a healthy distraction and gives fans a way to connect with people. 

Due to COVID-19 the return of professional sports provides a sense of community that fans have been longing for. Professional sports being live on television have brought a sense of normalcy and an overall sense of community. It has uplifted students, giving them hope for a return to in person school and sports seasons. 

The return of professional sports reminds students and our community that even though we’ve been through a lot these past couple of months, we’ll get through this together and that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.