The Controversial CBA Agreement

Fin Kehrli, Reporter

Football is America’s Game.

Whether it be going to a classic rivalry game with friends and family, forming communities and friendships with fellow fans, or having a Super Bowl party with platters upon platters of nachos and buffalo wings, football is a foundational aspect of American culture.

 “As a Kansas City Chiefs fan, football is big in our family. My dad and I watch every game together. We even meet up with local Chiefs fans and watch games sometimes at sports bars,” sophomore Will Kirk said.

However, in the already tumultuous year of 2020, the sport faces a crucial decision that could alter the game forever. 

This March, the NFL owners and players voted on and approved the new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) by a narrow margin of 1,019 to 959 votes. 

The CBA, renewed every 10 years, is put in place so that the salary restrictions of the players are approved and for the league to enact changes it feels are necessary in terms of rules and regulations. 

In this new CBA, many of the terms and conditions are incredibly popular with owners and the players. 

They include an expansion of the playoffs from 12 to 14 teams, an increased revenue share for all of the players (from 47 to 48.5 percent of a team), increased minimum salaries for rookies and practice squad players, superior benefit packages for current and retired players, more practice restrictions to reduce risk of serious injury, and greater roster expansion to 48 active players per game.

“A 14 team playoffs would be great. There are always good teams that have unlucky schedules and don’t make it. Hopefully this will help them,” junior Jon Ward said.

On the other hand, there are parts of the agreement that are extremely controversial.  One of these is the relaxed policy on marijuana usage.

 In 2020, medical mariijuana and CBD is growing in popularity among professional athletes for recovery purposes.

 However, ownership and executives have continually refused to enable the usage of the taboo drug.

“I honestly think marijuana has become such a big part of medicine these days that it’s not as big of a deal. But, I can see how people would still be suspicious about players using it,” senior Trent Swenson said.

The most controversial aspect of the agreement is the proposal to expand the regular season from 16 to 17 games. 

A multitude of big name NFL players are against this clause, as they feel it doesn’t adequately pay them for the extra game played. 

According to Seattle Seahawks superstar quarterback Russell Wilson, “Players come first. All NFL players deserve the same. We should not rush the next 10 years for today’s satisfaction. I vote NO.”

All in all, the CBA will revolutionize the game of football in a multitude of ways. 

But most importantly, the CBA will modernize the NFL in ways it hasn’t been before and bring the sport onto the forefront of athletic policy.