PV Athletes Level Up

Nicole Medawar, Reporter

Senior Kate Lane rushed over to her grandparents to announce her exciting news. 

She opened the door and said, “I committed to UCLA for volleyball.”

From the start, Kate’s family has always motivated her to play her best. 

Kate was encouraged to start playing at age ten, causing her to fall in love with the sport.

“I wouldn’t have the passion, if it wasn’t for my mom,” Lane said.

 After six years of playing on a competitive volleyball club, offers came her way. 

This year, Lane is finishing her last year of club and is progressing as a setter, which has landed her more opportunities to play at UCLA, which is closer to home. 

“I am excited to pursue my academic career and play along with some of the best athletes in the nation,” Lane said. 

At the age of three, senior Megan Gormley was introduced to golf by her father and at age 11 began competing in tournaments. 

“The collegiate golf tournaments my golf course hosted along with my dads’ experience in the college coaching world assured me on pursuing golf in college,” Gormley said. 

 Leading up to sophomore year, Gormley succeeded in tournaments and improved her status as a golfer.

Recruitment started during Gormley’s sophomore year and she committed September of her senior year to Georgetown. 

“When I visited, I felt like I belonged there,”  Gormley said. 

Both athletes look foward to playing alongside their new teammates and experiencing collegiate competition.