Max Kelly Plays On

Nikki Ringer, Writer

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Switching from soccer to volleyball in 8th grade was something that was easy for senior Max Kelly.

Ever since then he continued his volleyball career here at PV.

As a senior, Kelly is excited for this year’s season and he wants a year to remember. He started playing a new position which is something that is tough to learn. However, he adapted quickly and has no complaints.

Kelly stated,“I try to be the best I can at this new position because volleyball is something I love to play.”

There are some ups and downs when it comes to playing sports.

Whether he is injured or not, Kelly is always involved with his team on and off the bench. Practicing everyday and having more than two games a week can definitely put a toll on players. Kelly has a bad rotator cuff, which is an obstacle for him, but he doesn’t let it hold him back.

“With physical therapy I continue to play and work on tehnical game mechanics to take stress off my shoulder when swinging,” said Kelly.

Playing a sport in high school is something that teaches a student lessons and wisdom for whatever they pursue in the future. Playing all four years of high school definitely taught Kelly some lessons that he will never forget.

Memories are some of the best things that come from sports because they are with you forever.

Kelly remembers the time his team beat Mira Costa two years ago. Mira Costa is a known volleyball powerhouse so the victory was very satisfying for him.

When Kelly was a freshman he always looked up to a former Sea King, Brad Maricle, who was their star player three years ago.

Maricle used to drive Kelly to their club volleyball practice and they became very close. Kelly got tips and insight from Maricle to help him with his volleyball years that were to come.

“He was always there for me being both a coach on the court and a friend off the court,” he said.

Kelly doesn’t plan on playing in college but he does want to play on a club or intramural team.