Rams Season Ends in Disappointment

Ivan Barron, Writer

On February 3, Super Bowl 53 (LIII) kicked off between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams in a tense East Coast versus West Coast showdown.

The Super Bowl is the NFL’s championship match and serves as the pinnacle of American sports culture, being one of the country’s most anticipated games every year.

This year, however, the two powerhouse football teams underwhelmed fans around the nation as the coast to coast battle for NFL supremacy ended up as the lowest scoring Super Bowl of all time. The lackluster offense from each team combined with better defensive plays on both sides lead to a shockingly low score of 13-3, with quarterback Tom Brady leading the Patriots to their sixth Super Bowl victory.

To the disappointment of many living in Palos Verdes, the Los Angeles Rams fell short of the win but had a fantastic run that has many excited for how the team can perform next season.

However, watching the Patriots celebrate yet another victory has left a painful heartbreak for many students at PVHS.

“The Super Bowl was a total letdown, one of the worst games I’ve ever watched,” said senior Brandon Rice.

This year’s Super Bowl was undoubtedly a major let down due to the low score and lack of exciting plays, but more importantly, had a profound effect on many PVHS students who were hoping the Rams could pull off a win for the city.

“I thought the Super Bowl this year was very boring, and even though the Los Angeles Rams were in it, I did not find myself interested,” said junior Grady Hoffman.

The most disappointing aspect of the game, which has been echoed by many here at PVHS, is that the Rams took the loss in one of the most underwhelming NFL games of all time.

“The Super Bowl was horrible, it was a disgrace of a game but we will be back”, said junior Ezra Galvin.

As it stands, the Patriots and Tom Brady remain the dominant force in the NFL. This unfortunately puts a disappointing end to a rather impressive Rams season.