Taking Sports to the Next Level

Curtis Liu, Writer

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An insight into PVHS student-athletes playing on the collegiate stage.

(Photo courtesy of Sydney Sharp)

Sydney Sharp


University of Denver – Division I

“I chose DU because I love the location and the team has a really great family atmosphere. In order to stay on top of my schoolwork, I like to plan ahead and have good communication with my teachers.”


(Photo courtesy of Noah Delio)

Noah Delio


UC Santa Barabara – Division I


“I’ve been playing baseball since I was four years old. I chose UCSB because of their great academics and athletics. I also love the campus. I struggled my freshman year a little, but since then I have gotten used to managing my time really well.”

(Photo courtesy of Audrey Powell)

Audrey Powell


Skidmore College – Divison III

“I chose Skidmore because I was looking for a small school on the east coast.  All the girls on the team were so open and kind, and I loved the coaches. I have had to work very hard to keep up with my schoolwork. I usually pick a day to load on the most challenging assignments for the week.”

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