Cross Country Dominates CIF

Claire Hardesty, Writer

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Varsity Boys’ Cross Country huddle up after a win at CIF. (Photo courtesy of Claire Hardesty)

As autumn nears its end, our elite sport teams moved on to their next battle: CIF. 

One sport that had an excellent run at CIF was Cross Country. 

Cross Country is a regular for CIF qualifications but this year their hopes for a win were high, and ultimately came true. 

The Cross Country team came through with the boys winning CIF by one point in front of West and the girls dominating with a massive lead in front of Laguna Hills. 

Senior Will Teets placed ninth individually and was the second finisher on the team. 

“We won the championship by one point and each of the seven guys did their job to support the team,” Teets said. 

“Winning CIF meant a lot to us because for six of us it was our last chance to win the title.” 

But Cross Country’s racing season did not end there. 

They then faced the state championship hoping for another win. 

State and CIF races are the races the team works and trains for year round.

Cross Country then moved on to the State meet in Clovis, Fresno. 

There the Boys’ team finished in fourth place. The girls placed in second by eight points. 

“We wanted to win state the following week, but unfortunately we did not get the result we were looking for by any means,” Teets stated. 

Not leaving Fresno as champions was hard for both the boys and girls but it builds motivation and hunger for a possible win next year. 

Both the girls and boys team had high hopes for a state win. 

But a CIF win for both sides was a huge accomplishment. 

Although they may have not reached their ultimate goal, cross country will return stronger than ever. 

There is always next year and hopefully our Kings can come out on top with another CIF win, and perhaps a state win too.

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