The Winter Olympics Take Over The World

From alpine skiing to curling, the winter olympic games have it all.

Taking place in PyeongChang for the twenty-third Winter Olympic Games. The games will take place between February 9 through February 25 with a total of 15 events this year.

    There are many different events that most people have never payed attention to, some might include luge and skeleton.

Luge is a toboggan sled race in which athletes race around an ice track.

The athletes lay on their back with their feet and shoulders steering them. Luge can be an event with one or two athletes on a toboggan.

Skeleton is when athletes lay on their stomach on a bobsled.The sport skeleton you can only have one person per bobsled.

    Most people are interested in watching the skiing and snowboarding.

“I really enjoy watching skiing because i like to ski and when i watch it it shows me how I can improve my skiing skills,” said freshmen Rachel Post.

    According to freshman Griffen Puhl, “I enjoy watching [skiing and snowboarding events] because not only do I ski, but thoroughly enjoy watching these incredible athletes perform all these tricks and get very creative.”

Watching professionals in a sport that matters to most can affect how interested the students are in the Winter Olympic Games.

Although skiing and snowboarding are enjoyed by many students some enjoy the more unique sports.

Jeff Kauffman said, “Bobsled is really cool, it is interesting to watch the athletes go fast and make it around the sharp turns. It’s not like any other sport at the olympics its more fun and energetic to watch.”

According to Paige Connelly, “I think that the olympic committee is very smart in declaring the banning of Russia because it gives the rest of the athletes a fair chance in the games.”

Russia is being banned from the Winter Olympic Games because of the athletes taking drugs at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

They cheated the drug testing and got away with it and was later found that they were under the use of drugs.

    This will be one of the first times in Olympic history where a country is being banned for doping and cheating.

Some other times when countries have been banned is during World War II for political reasons.

    The athletes who are clean and can prove their innocence can go, but cannot go under the Russian flag and will have to be neutral.

They will have an individual team that is not under the name of Russia.

The athletes that can prove their innocence will be part of Olympic Athlete from Russia.

The Russian flag and anthem will not be played in the event held in February.

They will compete as individual athletes and will not be recognized as Russian athletes.

The Winter Olympic Games will have many rising athletes who could bring the level of competition higher. It should be an exhilarating experience for Americans.

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