Demographic Size of Girls’ Basketball

Michael Liu

The Kings of the Sea have claimed Palos Verdes High School home. These kings have excelled in the sciences, the fine arts, and of course, sports. This amazing school is highly known for its sophisticated sports program. There are about eighteen different sports offered at PVHS. Some of these sports are football, tennis, volleyball, baseball, surfing, and of course basketball. According to a 2013-2014 high school athletics participation survey, conducted by the National Federation of Stated Highs School Associations, it has concluded that basketball is that most popular high school sport for girls. However, if basketball is the most popular sport for girls, how come the girls’ basketball team at PVHS decreasing?

Mr. Fujinaga, the athletics director, stated, “There is a rich history in girls basketball at PVHS” Before PVHS closed, the basketball program was one of the best programs in the South Bay and the state. When the school reopened, the basketball program had a strong start. However, it has hit some rough spots and there has been a lot of coaching changes in the past few years to help stabilize the program.

The girls on the basketball team throughout the years have always worked extremely hard. There hard work has been evident because the girls’ basketball team has made the playoffs every year, despite the changing of coaches constantly. Just last year, the girls’ basketball team played three games in playoffs and made it to the quarterfinals. It was a good way to end the season and the team has made PVHS very proud. In sports like football and tennis, the teams go to the same division in playoffs that they played during regular season. On the other hand, basketball is a sport where you participate within your league, but when the playoffs start, you get thrown into different divisions according to school size, tradition, history, and etc.

There are no longer three girls’ basketball teams: Varsity, Jv, and Frosh soph due to the lack of girls’ interests in playing basketball for the past few years. In fact, there hasn’t been a Varsity, Jv, and Frosh soph in four or five years. The main goal of the head coach of the varsity girl’s basketball team, Coach Meyers, is to not only producing results on the Varsity level, but also on the Frosh soph team. Coach Meyers also wants to promote the basketball program and gain interest from other girls on campus. According to Mr. Fujinaga, “the main goal is to have 3 teams again because we want girls participating in girls’ basketball because it is a very important program here historically.”

A junior on the varsity girls’ basketball team, Megan Teshima, stated, “I really wish that we had enough players to have three teams because playing basketball is a great experience. One that I really wish more people could participate in.”

Annie Bourgan, a freshman on the girls’ frosh soph basketball team, stated, “I love playing basketball because it is my favorite sport. However, I wish more girls would join the basketball team.”

Mr. Rho was an excellent coach for the girls’ Varsity basketball team a couple years ago. He stated about his experience coaching, “It was a very positive experience. We were able to create an environment where the newer players who used to play basketball were getting back into it and they enjoyed the program, team comradery, and they learned how to play better basketball. These aspects helped me create a better environment for them to want to play basketball.” Mr. Rho’s hopes for the current basketball teams are, “ I want them to feel the joy of playing basketball so that they would appreciate it, just to love it, just like I loved it. I want them to use their commitment and work ethics to apply that collegiately in terms of academics, life style, and participating in programs and activities that will help them prepare to become ambitions and successful adults. There is a lot of parallelism of what they could learn on the basketball court could apply to their lives in the real world.”

The Sea Kings in girls’ basketball are committed and always focusing and trying to improve their skills on the court. They never give up and shall surely succeed in everything they do. Other sports such as tennis, volleyball, and lacrosse are stealing female Sea Kings from basketball. Also, the lack of interest from girls is causing the girls’ basketball team to diminish. Basketball is a fantastic sport and all girls should experience the thrill of dribbling down a court, shooting the ball, and being part of the family at PVHS.

The captain of the girl’s Varsity team, Sophie Takano, stated, “Basketball is by far my favorite sport. I have learned so many life skills and met really great friends. My best memories at PVHS were on the basketball court, and I will always treasure them. I really hope more girls from PVHS will fall in love with the game like I did.”

The girl’s basketball program needs to and shall arise to its former glory. The process will need a lot of hard work and patience, but the results will be worth it all. Girls will not only become masters on the court, but shall become better people by learning the true meaning of sisterhood, hard work, and perseverance. Fellow sisters of PVHS, help this school return to the golden ages and dominate on the court. Basketball is not only a great sport, it is huge part of PVHS’s pride and history.