Basketball Preview

Ian Cannon, Staff Writer

With high achieving sports teams at PV high like cross-country and soccer, boy’s basketball sometimes goes unnoticed.

“I don’t know anything about our basketball team,” says Junior Dylan Poole.

However, this year’s basketball team is poised to be a competitive force in this year’s Bay League.  Eleven out of fifteen players are seniors making this team one of the most experienced varsity team.

This year’s lineup includes seniors Robby Kolanz, Sammy Kalejaiye, Nick Huebner, Logan McFarland, Erik Woytowicz, Kevin Homaizad, Matt Costa, Ryan Barreda, Tanner Dilello, Thomas Good, Isaac Ehlers, and juniors Kyle Farman and Michael Shephard.  The team also has its share of young talent, rounding out the Sea Kings our freshman Lucas Cooper, and sophomore Anthony Thill.

“We have a really good team this year.  We are tall and can shoot from distance.  Our only weakness is that we give up too many turnovers,” said player Michael Shephard.

The current Sea King team is much taller than past teams making them much more competitive.  The average height of the team is 6 ft. 2in.  The tallest player is 6 ft 6 in. and the shortest is 5 ft. 8 in.

Playing their first preseason games, the Sea Kings showed great potential and discovered their weaknesses.  They had a great game against powerhouse Banning High School and came out on top winning 41-36.  Unfortunately, they lost their remaining pre-season games to Culver City (53-63), Lawndale (59-71), and Carson (45-34).

Michael Shephard emphasized that the team has no trouble scoring but needs to improve their defense and minimize turnovers.  In their game against a very talented Lawndale team, the Sea Kings scored 59 points.  In their preseason losses, the Sea Kings allowed at least 45 points a game.  When the Sea Kings were able to hold the opponent to only 36 points, they won.

Most students are optimistic about the upcoming season.

“I think we’re going to beat Peninsula this year.  It’s the only sport Peninsula ever beats us in and we need to stop that,” said Junior Max Seraphim.

Last year, Peninsula’s stars crushed the Sea Kings.  This year, the team is looking to reverse the tide and beat the Panthers.

“I am inspired by the team and their hard work.  I can’t wait to see them play,” said Sophomore Cheryl Douglass.

Basketball coach Bob Varnell has been working hard all year to prepare his team for this season.  They hope to finish with a winning record in the Bay league and possibly make a run at CIF playoffs.

However, not all students are so enthusiastic about the team’s chances in league this year.

“Edward De Souza is no longer in the program and this might be the teams Achilles heals.  He was a great player and I don’t see the team winning without him,” said Moses Lee.

Luckily the team has plenty of talented players to fill his shoes. Players are very excited to start Bay League.
Senior Thomas Good said, “If we run the fast break like we have and continue to play good defence there is no stopping us.”

League games begin January 10 as we battle against Leuzinger.  So be prepared for big things from this varsity basketball team.  A successful season awaits them.