Sadie Hawkins Tradition Broken: Bring it Back

(Graphic by Sierra Namvari)

(Graphic by Sierra Namvari)

Sierra Namvari, Photography Editor

Every now and then at PVHS, the winter formal is a “Girls ask Guys” event theme. 

Although it is widely assumed that the Sadies tradition happens every four years, it is actually less of a scheduled event and happens on a whim when event planners see it fit for their theme for a dance. This year, ASB had an almost unanimous decision, with the majority voting against a Sadies dance.

 I believe that the Sadie Hawkins idea should’ve been kept. It encourages girls at our school to be more confident and it gives them the opportunity to ask someone they like. 

Although I totally understand that Sadies or not, a girl could ask someone to the dance, the school making it out to be a formal-proposal theme itself would give girls more of an incentive to use it to their advantage. 

If given the chance to use “Girls ask Guys” as an excuse for girls to gain some extra courage, then I think it should be worth making it a known theme.  

However, some guys may still want to ask a girl to Formal, and that should be allowed as well despite the proposal theme.  

The whole idea isn’t to force the responsibility of asking someone to the dance onto one gender, but instead is meant to give people supportive reasoning as to why they should take their chances. I see it in the sense that if things don’t go their way, they can always fall back on the idea that girls were being encouraged to ask the guys this year. 

For these reasons, it would’ve been nice for there to have been a Sadie’s dance this year considering the Class of 2023 never experienced one throughout high school. 

I believe the goal should be to have one Sadies for every grade level at some point throughout their high school years.