A Letter From the Editors

Palos Verdes High is full of unique students, but here are the ones that most people have had encounters with, good or bad. Editors-in-chief Aidan Sun and Alycen Kim summarize the best and worst types of people on our campus.


Best People


This person bought Quizlet Plus after Slader was shut down. They share their account with you (shhh don’t tell the teachers) and make Quizlets before the test that they send in the Snapchat group chat. The Greatest of All Time.  


The “I Volunteer as Tribute”  When the teacher asks for one person to present, this person steps up to the plate. “I’ll do it,” they say to your group. You breathe a sigh of relief and sink back into your chair, knowing from now until the bell, all you have to do is listen. 


The Personal Postmates You’re sitting during quiet reading time in English when suddenly your stomach growls loudly. Face beet red, you whip out your phone to text your bestie without a 6th period asking them to bring you Chipotle. They say yes, of course, and don’t even have to ask what your order is.  


The Mom

 Their backpack is more stocked than Rite Aid. Colored pens, tissues, paper, snacks: anything you need, they have. The Promenade on the Peninsula could never.


Worst People

The Roadblock

 Construction on PV Drive West will never compare to the monstrosity that is underclassmen walking in the hallways.  They walk at a leisurely pace; never mind the surge of people rushing past them.  Be warned.


The Great California Shakeout 

You feel a sudden vibration. Your pencil starts rolling. Is it an earthquake? Should you stop, drop and roll? Nope. It’s just the person behind you, bouncing their leg on the back of your chair. 


The Rapunzel 

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair… but not all over my math notes. Reminder: this is Calculus, not a Pantene commercial.   


The “What’d you Get”

You get back the physics test. 62%. You sigh before checking Aeries to check how much your grade dropped, about to cry. But someone two desks over taps you on the shoulder.  You brace yourself. “What’d you get?,” they ask. “I did so badly.” You barely suppress a scream as you stare at their circled 92%.