A Letter from the Editors

Editors-in-Chief Claire Hardesty and Sarah Liu pay tribute to all the under-appreciated gems PVHS had to offer them…and some things that are best left behind.

 Good Riddance To The Kid Bouncing His Legs on My School Desk. I’m trying to take notes in EHAP right now, not ride Thunder Mountain at 8 a.m. on a Monday. Get a fidget spinner or something.

Goodbye To The Harley vs. Hill Capture the Flag Games After AP Tests. The first time I experienced it, I truly understood the definition of war: no mercy. Go in properly hydrated and warmed up. 

Good Riddance To School Desks in General. We stand in solidarity with all long-haired students who have experienced the unexplainable horror of getting their hair caught in the bolts of those contraptions. To call the bars on the side “support bars” is nothing short of a cruel joke. However, they were really useful for cracking your back after sitting in pain for two hours.

Goodbye To Tyner’s Top Ten. Being “popular” is a myth anyway. But getting on Tyner’s Top Ten? That’s the pinnacle of achievement. Forget homecoming court; the approval of PV moms hits different. Yes, give us that Academic Spotlight!

Good Riddance To Underclassmen With Cars. There should be a law against anyone getting a car before they’ve taken the PSAT. Stop trying to steal the parking spaces.

Goodbye To Pascal the Tortoise. I haven’t seen him in over a year, so I hope he is doing well. Pascal has been, and always will be, the true mascot of PVHS. Thank you to Mr. O’Brien for letting him bless our school with his presence.   

Good Riddance To Getting Your Test Passed Back Face-down in Class. Everyone knows what that means, but if you don’t? I hope you do well at Harvard. 

Goodbye To The New Water Fountains. In a word, crisp. In two, bottle refiller.

Good Riddance To The Sprint to get a Ticket to the PV/PEN Basketball Game. Lining up at the door of Mr. Kwak’s class waiting for the bell to ring was one of the highest intensity situations witnessed by mankind. And still over half of us did not receive a ticket to the 2019 PV/PEN game. Tragic.  

Goodbye To Mr. Harley’s Spinning Chairs. There were always people fighting over who got to sit in them during class, and I don’t know how they haven’t broken after so many trips up and down the halls.

Good Riddance To PARKING. Just parking. Sliding down the hill from the wall parking spots while trying to outrun the tardy bell is an extreme sport.  

Goodbye To Girl Scouts Single-Handedly Carrying Nutrition Break: I don’t know what kind of magic is hidden in those cookies that make them worth $5, but I’ll take 20 boxes.

Good Riddance To Goodbyes. If there’s anything we hate the most, it’s having to say goodbye to the classmates, teachers and staff that make us proud to be PV High students. From the kids we barely knew but said “hi” to in the halls, to the quick banter we shared with the security guards, to being buried in a sea of students in line for basketball tickets, it’s the tiny, slightly frightening, experiences that have made the world to us. High School might be over for us, but we will always be Sea Kings in our hearts.