Work Hard, Play Hard

Matthew Valero, Reporter

Chronic stress, intense sensory stimulation, fight or flight. Playing video games makes our brains think there is potential danger, especially with violent war video games. Now consider how hard your brain must work to balance a video game with Algebra. Good combination? I think not. Rather, it’s a recipe for disaster.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some students have been playing games during class, and it is affecting the quality of their work and their grades in school. Students are not able to concentrate on their work, and are not productive when distracted by video games.

If students want to play video games but find school is getting in the way, they are going to have to learn time management and see how they can keep their grades up while still being able to relax and play games in their free time.

Some ways students can get started on managing their time is to get a planner so they are able to plan out there day and how they will incorporate gaming into their day while keeping up their learning.