Let’s Crack the Zoom Dress Code

Natalie Tholan, Reporter

As quarantine nears its tenth month, it’s understandable that students’ general laziness when it comes to Zoom classes has gradually increased.

However, I recently witnessed a new low in one of my classes.

The teacher was having a talk with my peers and I about how students should always have their cameras on during class.

When one student refused to move down their camera from where it was pointing at the ceiling, my teacher asked for his reasoning.

Surprisingly, he replied that he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

The teacher then replied that it couldn’t possibly be that hard to pick a t-shirt off his floor and throw it on before class.

It was highly inappropriate for him to be without the necessary clothing for school.

While listening to my teacher lecture my classmate, I realized she was right.

I understand that guys don’t wear shirts when swimming or at the beach, but we aren’t doing either of those things right now so proper dress should be worn to school.

Some need to understand that it is like this for every student when “going to school” on Zoom.

We don’t have the motivation to get up and get ready, but it is disturbing and inappropriate to come to Zoom shirtless.

For a student not to have the decency to take an extra minute to put a shirt on before their 8:15am class is rude.

This is why I believe that the school dress code that was maintained when we were still on campus should be used even in our current Zoom setting.

When I say that we should have a dress code, though, I do not mean to dress as if you were in a business meeting, nor am I proposing a uniform.

 Instead, the bare minimum of a shirt, pants, and shoes is enough to pass.