The Brexit Deal Brawl

Ivan Barron, Writer

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Currently, most news outlets in the US are covering stories about our country’s government and admittedly turbulent political climate. 

Unfortunately, this has lead American media to shift its attention from another major event in global affairs, such as the infamous Brexit Deal which is still sparking debate and outrage in the U.K. 

On June 23, 2016, the result of the UK’s European Union membership referendum was announced, and to the shock of many around the world, the majority of British citizens had voted “yes” in favor of an exit from the EU.

The idea that the UK will be able to come out of this event without any “growing pains” along the way is a foolish one, as conflict within Parliament grows. 

Recently, Ex-Bank of England governor hit the P.M’s deal hard, comparing it to the appeasement of the Nazis in the 1930’s. 

In his response to the deal he pointed out the fact that the price of food could go up by 10%, planes would be grounded, and ports would be clogged if May’s withdrawal agreement is not executed properly. 

These catastrophic scenarios may become a reality for Britain if the country remains at a standstill for how to progress with what appears to be an effective “divorce” with the EU. 

There is no doubt that Brexit must occur in order to respect the referendum held in 2016, but the process must be dealt with on a far more unified level by the British government. 

As hardline “Brexiteers” call for a more extreme severing of ties with the EU in order to gain complete control over the country’s laws and borders, several other political camps are bashing the deal for not being closely aligned enough with the EU and fear that Britain will become economically weaker without union membership. 

The only solution is for everybody in the U.K to get on board with either a moderate or extreme exit, as to allow for the smoothest and safest transition possible.     

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