The Swamp Drowning in its Own Mess

Kyle Ahn, Writer

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We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction event on Earth. The global climate has been drastically changed due to human-induced carbon emissions. The average temperature of the planet is continuously rising and will eventually kill off much of life on Earth if nothing is done.

According to NASA, 97% of scientists say that the change in our global climate is due to human activities. Everything we do affects our climate over time. The way we eat, the way we move about, the way we live – everything we do is affecting the place we call home.

An epicenter for the effects of climate change in the United States is in Florida. The sunny beaches and vacation spots are beginning to be overshadowed by climate change. The streets of Miami flood when it is high tide, resulting in $900 million worth of flood prevention construction.

Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Florida Republican Governor Rick Scott are firm climate deniers. Rubio has claimed that humans don’t contribute to any climate change when he was running for president in 2016 and Rick Scott has made no effort to help his own state from drowning in itself.

Actions need to be taken. According to a poll conducted by The Hill, the majority of the population believes so too.

However, people in power in this country are blatantly denying the basic facts that are being taught in my AP Environmental Science class. Why is that? As Mr. Krabs once said, “money, money, money.”

Money has plagued our politics today to the point where politicians are choosing to make their pockets heavier while the future of the country is in jeopardy. Private interests of the oil industry poor cash into politicians to keep their wallets fat.

Unfortunately, this issue is split along party lines in today’s society. The basic facts of our environment are being absorbed, comprehended, and acted upon on one side, while it is being brushed off as a conspiracy and a hoax by the other side.

This country is at a time where we can no longer agree on facts anymore. The man in the White House openly displays his ignorance on climate change to the world, while the world marches on without us; all for the sake of profits.

The lives of the world should not be at stake at the hands of corporate greed in America. Earth’s livelihood should no longer hang in the balance of partisan discourse in our country.

The United States needs legislation to combat this crisis facing the human race. People must change the way they live out their lives.

People need to be conscious of how they are polluting our air in every aspect and mitigate it to salvage the home we have.

Some will say this change is a radical agenda. Others will say it is simply grasping change at the root.

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