Why You Shouldn’t Believe Your Horoscope

           Whether it’s once a day, once a week, or once a year, many people check their horoscopes religiously. They read every word and soak up the information, believing both the good and the bad. People can find their horoscope online at many .com websites that each says something different. No matter if they actually live off of the advice of their horoscope or just read it for fun, it is a waste of time and is far from accurate.

        Horoscopes target a large group of individuals and act as though each person is the same. They group together completely different people based on the date in which they were born. They make people believe that if they were born within a certain time frame, they can be categorized as one thing, and their future can be read in the stars.

        Horoscopes are also intentionally vague. They tell people that “something big will happen in their relationship,” although they do not state whether it is a personal or professional relationship. They will also tell a person that on “Monday they will have to make a big decision,” although that decision could range anywhere from deciding what flavor of ice cream to choose to accept a marriage proposal. Horoscopes do not actually lead people in a certain direction or choose their future; they simply give people a false sense of comfort.

        The fact that any person born from January 20 to February 18 or from April 20 to May 20 may have the same future predicted is simply absurd. It is impossible for the millions and millions of people born within these time frames to all be going down the same path. Horoscopes are inaccurate and should not be believed.