The internet made difficult

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As the school year becomes increasingly difficult and students have more responsibilities, the ability to keep track of everything is becoming a much greater feat.

Students not only have to worry about tests and homework, but they are also becoming more involved in their extracurricular activities. Due to this chaos, students need something to keep track of what they’re doing.

Many teachers believe the best solution to this problem is having a class website. They understand that students sometimes cannot come to class or did not gather all of the information given in class, and they need a source that contains everything they need.

While this is very helpful for the students, there is a downside to having these websites. With different websites for each teacher, students have trouble finding everything they need, since it is not in one place.

Four years ago, the district changed from Edline to Aeries. This change confused students and parents, as the new system did not include individual sections for each teacher.

“I liked Edline because I didn’t have to do anything, everything was already there,” Louis Harley, World History AP and GEM teacher, said.

Edline was a simple website that was useful and made homework and classwork easy to find outside of class. Students could log on to Edline and click on either the “grade” section or the section for each individual class.

“Edline was a huge way that I shared information with my class,” said Jill Moeller, Environmental Science AP teacher. “It was frustrating to me when we stopped using it.”

The district understands that the simplicity of Edline is desired, and therefore has introduced a new website in addition to Aeries, Edlio. With this website, they hope to recreate the organization that was provided with Edline. This website has not been fully implemented yet, but it might be the right choice.

“I don’t like Edlio, I think it’s very hard to use and has an ugly result when you’re done with it,” Harley said. “I’m not impressed with it at all.”

While Edlio may not be the best choice, it is necessary that the district finds a website that compliments all what students and teachers are looking for.

Having different websites, such as Edmodo and Slack, for different classes is confusing and makes it difficult for students to keep track of work.

“I just want everything to be together,” junior Katherine Macleod said. “So many of my teachers have separate websites and it’s difficult to keep track of everything.”

No matter how long it has been, students continue to grieve the loss of organization. With the added stress of the school year, students crave simplicity in the aspects of their lives that do not require critical thinking.

“There’s too much unnecessary stress involved in the whole process,” Macleod said. “I think we need to find a way to make it all easier.”

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The internet made difficult