#Repeal the 19th

Audrey T., Writer

     In the wake of stories, allegations, and one quite profound video, supporters of the Trump campaign are feeling weary about women.

     If it is not a crowned Miss universe who claims she was called names such as “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping” by the GOP presidential candidate, then, fatefully for the campaign, it is a video with recorded audio of Donald Trump and Billy Bush bantering about prolific things they enjoy doing to women.

     Trump’s opponent has taken to capitalizing on these claims. Clinton mentioned the Miss Universe scandal in the first presidential debate. She even tweeted out a message congratulating the winner of the  Miss Universe pageant in 1996, Alicia Muchado, on her newly earned American citizenship. She also made a point to announce Muchado will exercise her right to vote on November 8th.

     The scandal had the Trump campaign scratching their heads. Trump defended himself by claiming Muchado had gained a significant amount of weight during her reign as Miss Universe. This justification, unapologetic and nonunderstanding, was only the first line of defense for an issue regarding Trump’s treatment of women and was only a spark getting ready to ignite a roaring fire.

     The flames surrounded Trump’s campaign with the releasing of a video in which Trump is heard using vulgar language to describe his treatment of women.

     Many women immediately took offense to Trump’s language and expressed behaviors in the video. According to the U.S News and World Report Trump responded saying that his conversation “was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago. Bill Clinton has said far worse to me on the golf course – not even close…I apologize if anyone was offended.”

     Days after the video surfaced the Wall Street journal/NBC News poll demonstrated Trump’s losing of a significant base of women support. In fact, Trump trailed Clinton by 25 points among women voters.

     Following Trump’s denial of any inappropriate behavior during the second presidential debate, a series of women have come forward with stories about a personal experience with Trump and his supposedly sexually predatory behavior.

     How can Trump supporters ensure that women, a block of voters that according to NewsDaily.come  “has historically outnumbered men at the polls,”, do not collapse the Trump campaign?

     Some Trump supporters, inspired by a column by Nate Silver who predicted that if men were the only people voting in this election that Trump would win by a large margin, though the answer seemed simple, and so was created…


     Yes, you read the hashtag correctly. Some Trump supporters are just so fed up with the complaints, the criticisms, and the reaction of women voters that, at this point and in their opinion, it just makes sense to get rid of them altogether.

     Repealing the 19th amendment would entail stripping women of their right to vote.

     Twitter blew up with reactions to the hashtag. Some women, who support the GOP candidate, even declared that they would support the taking away of their right to vote if it meant that Trump would become president.

     However, most of the reactions were not filled with enthusiastic support. In fact, most people were appalled that in 2016, such an assertion could even exist.

     One woman tweeted back, “How about instead of #repealthe19th we only let women vote for the next 131 years so we’re all even.” (tweet by @samandjunk).

     The new hashtag and the various reactions it earned highlights the radical and historical election that has engulfed the country.

      Political parties are divided, causing the historically democratic notion of “compromise” to become a political synonym for “weakness.” People who are following the political campaigns are deep-seated in their positions and those who are so repulsed by the whole election opt to have as little involvement as possible.

     Developments in the election, such as #repealthe19th, demonstrate the revolutionary condition of American politics. Exciting to some and horrific to others, this divided country will continue as one of its only acts of unity and as we continue to watch the election unfold anxious eyes.