Autumn: The best season of them all!

Amanda Houtz, Writer

Although the weather hasn’t been very reflective of it, September has drawn to a close, and autumn has commenced.

Not quite winter, and no longer summer, autumn is cast as a “middle season” and is oftentimes neglected. However, myself, as well as PVHS senior Christine Decker, who articulated that “fall is the best season,” feel that proper recognition of autumn is in order.

Although autumn isn’t always as palpably felt in perpetually sunny California, us Californians still notice the subtle differences. For example, we can only wear shorts six days a week as opposed to the usual seven!

Autumn manifests its superiority in multiple ways, but there is no denying that autumn is often a favorite season of consumers. Whether it’s a warm Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, or a brand new candle from Bath and Body Works, it’s easy to get ensnared in the desire to purchase things that are often deemed “unnecessary.”

Despite this desire to purchase, autumn also has many attributes separate from material items.

Autumn is the host of the holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. Although it’s arguable that these holidays are the perfect opportunity for consumerism, they have a more important value. These holidays are a way to bring families or communities together in a way that busy everyday life often neglects.

Autumn is a time where things transition. Even though Sharpay Evans of High School Musical described summer as when “everything changes,” it is impossible to ignore the numerous changes present in the autumn as well.

Like the deciduous trees shed their leaves, autumn provides the opportunity for people to shed unnecessary layers of their lives. Whether it is a constrictive friendship, job, or relationship, fall is the perfect time to get rid of obsolete stress or confinements before winter rolls around.

Although autumn can sometimes be an exhausting season, it will all be worth it when we can sit in front of a bonfire warming our toes, as well as our hearts.