Fresh Advice!

Fresh Advice!

Sarah Milad, Staff Writer

I never really knew how I felt about starting high school. I was excited to make new friends and to learn new things, but I was also nervous. I was coming from a private middle school, and no one knew me at PV.  Coming from a different school, I was also dreading that the work would be ten times more difficult than what I was used to. However, I was also thrilled for extra curricular activities. I was filled with a hodgepodge of mixed emotions. Now, as a junior, I look back and realize that there really wasn’t anything to be scared of.

Your first year in high school gives you the opportunity to start fresh and meet new people. Don’t ever try to be someone you’re not, and if you meet someone that has different interests than you, respect him or her for those differences. People will accept you for you, and if you try to be like someone else, you aren’t accepting yourself.  There are plenty of new people that are just coming in who are in the same situation as you. An obstacle many people have is being shy. I was shy when I was a freshman and I got over that once the year progressed and I started making more friends. The only thing necessary to overcome one’s shyness is courage. For instance, when you have a group assignment, it is a perfect time to start conversing with your group! A simple wave or smile to someone in your class can make both people feel comfortable and possibly start a new friendship. Those little gestures really help, and sooner or later you will notice that you aren’t that shy as you were in the beginning.   Joining a club is a great way to meet new people, because you are more likely to meet good friends who have the same interests as you. Other ways are joining a sport or just going up to someone in class and talk to them

Talking to my teachers made a big difference in my freshman year. The teachers are there to help you. In the beginning, when I was close to failing some of my classes, I went to my teachers and asked them for advice. I asked them questions pertaining to homework and studying. The advice the teachers gave me affected me greatly because those “C’s” and “D’s” quickly changed into “B’s” and “A’s”. Another advantage comes when you don’t understand the material in class and you go to your teacher at lunch or after school for tutoring. Personally, when I go to my teachers at lunch I always feel a lot more satisfied because I understand the material better.

Lastly, the most important of all is to just have fun your freshman year. If your year didn’t start off as planned, don’t worry about it. Just remember, freaking out and worrying are wastes of time.  Relax, and your freshman year will be a breeze!