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Biden Administration Announces Office Of Gun Violence Prevention

In late September of this year, President Biden announced the creation of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention. Its purpose is to improve the safety of students, teachers, families, adults and children alike. 

The new office will be led by Vice President Kamala Harris, and longtime policy advisor Stephanie Feldman will be the director. 

Biden has met countless families and individuals over the years who have been impacted by the tragedies of gun violence.  

“Every time I’ve met with families impacted by gun violence as they mourn their loved ones, and I’ve met with so many throughout the country, they all have the same message for their elected officials: ‘do something,’ ” President Biden said in a speech announcing the creation of the office.  

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According to the Biden Administration, the creation of this office is just the start, and is a step in the right direction after years of much discussion and debate, but zero action. 

History and Wellness/Ethnic Studies teacher Christina Varela thinks the creation of this office could have a positive or insignificant impact on gun safety. 

“We have seen every year mass shootings in this country only get more and more prevalent, and every year we do nothing about it,” Varela said. 

“I’m hoping we’ll do something, but I don’t know how hopeful I feel. Politicians use this issue as a political hot button, or political football, but don’t actually get anything done, when it should be about public safety.” 

This new office will have a direct effect on the lives of students and teachers. 

“I think that it is a good idea because on the news you can see, across the country, all of these shootings are happening, and due to state-enforced laws not being effective in preventing them,” senior Cayden McGuire said. “It is unfortunate that it has come to this, but at least the country is moving in the right direction.” 

The establishment of the Office of Gun Violence Prevention is one of the first major signs of much needed action taken on part of our government officials to protect our communities from the devastations caused by gun violence, and one can only hope that this will lead to a new era in the U.S. where safety is always priority. 

According to the official White House website, the future plans of this office are to “keep especially dangerous weapons and repeat shooters off our streets; hold rogue gun dealers and gun traffickers accountable; provide law enforcement with the tools and resources they need to reduce gun violence; and address the root causes.”

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