Choreo Dancers Leap Into Spring Concert

Sierra Namvari, Photography Editor

PVHS’ annual Spring Choreo Concert was a hit to all students and audience members. The show has a different theme every year, this year being “An Evening of Dance and Music.” 

“In the past we have included the visual arts, broadcast journalism, film, literature, amongst other themes. This year we wanted to include our fabulous student musicians,” dance teacher Kathleen Mastan said.

PVHS seniors have missed the last two performances on stage due to COVID-19, but are excited and nervous to come back. 

“I was a little bit nervous just because I haven’t been on a stage in almost three years,” senior Laura Maurizio said. 

“Part of me was really excited, but the other part of me was very upset just because it will probably be my last year performing on a stage, that kind of hurts my heart a little.”

Putting together dances all year long for this performance took both effort and creativity from our choreographers. Every year they have guest choreographers come in to teach different styles of dance to incorporate it into the show. Students also choreograph some pieces consisting of small groups, solos, duets, trios, etc. 

“My personal favorite is Flying Model Rockets because I spent so much time choreographing it since June, and it’s just one of my favorite songs,” senior Brianna Gianetto said.

This gives the dancers an opportunity to show off their individual talents by creating something they love. 

“I like the dance that I choreographed. I also really like the group hiphop because all of us are together and it’s just a really fun dance and it’s the last dance I will be performing in the Armstrong,” senior Lainey Cote said.

Having new faces on the team each year brings new styles of dancers, as well as the students learning to perform in such a big show. 

“My first year in Choreo has been amazing, and all the girls are really welcoming and I’ve learned so much within my very short time here,” freshman Azalea Lurie said. 

“I think it’s really cool that we are embedding both live music and dance into the show because obviously as dancers we love music, but including other musicians is cool because it’s incorporating many forms of art into one and a very unique theme this year.”

Live musicians played throughout the show for the first time in Choreo history. The musicians from PVHS made the recital special by adding another layer of artistic creativity to the night. 

“I think it was a really cool idea to incorporate music into the dancer’s performances and it was a very unique experience to get to work with the dancers so closely,” junior Amber Chen said. 

“It was a bit difficult to figure out the tempo to make sure we were very consistent so that the dancers would be able to match us. Overall it was a very good learning experience.”