Seniors Stomp at 2021 Class Comp

Lucia Ruiz, Features Editor

Students excitedly file into the gym. Posters scatter the walls and members of ASB set up the games. After over a year without a class competition (comp), Sea Kings are restless for school spirit.

“Class comp is when we get the entire school together, usually in the gym and students sit in their classes and they are assigned colors and we’re decked out in those colors,” ASB director Jama Maxfield said. 

“Then we compete in various games to try to win ‘Best Class.’ Teachers come down. They perform or do some of the games and it’s just a fun thing to get everybody in one spot.”

Everyone, staff member or student, can enjoy class comp.

“I think the goal of class comp is to get the entire school involved in trying to do something with their class and create some sort of fun memory,” Maxfield said. 

Class comp was yet another activity that had to be postponed due to COVID-19 and the student body felt the repercussions. 

 “I don’t think we all felt very connected with our school,” ASB Commissioner of Spirit and Athletics Danielle Fullerton said. “We kind of just felt like we were doing our own thing. Like half of the school are complete strangers. It’s a weird feeling.”

However, there are still silver linings within this cancelling situation.

“[Now] I think everyone is really eager to participate because we haven’t been on campus for the past 18 months,” Fullerton said. “I think it’s going to be really fun.”

Now that class comp is back, students in ASB had to meticulously plan everything that went into the event.

“The ASB Spirit Commissioners will put together a list of games and ideas and then the presidents and vice presidents of every class go out and they’re supposed to recruit people to do the games and explain the games so that they know what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, what they need to wear, et cetera,” Maxfield said. “And then that’s really it. Then we go over it with ASB and make changes if something won’t work or if we think we can’t do that game, that’s too dangerous or whatever. We usually try to do it around some sort of a theme. So the first one is usually holiday-based since it’s in December.”

This year, the games chosen were Battle of the Exes, Finish the Lyric, Human Tic Tac Toe and One Item in the Trash Can​​​.

“After quarantining and being in lockdown for so long, it was fun to be with the entire school and see everyone’s faces,” junior and song team member Caeden Kim said. “My favorite part was performing with Song because I’ve never performed at class comp before.”

Although the seniors won, all classes participated and had fun.