Celebrating Human Rights at PVHS

(Graphic by Aidan Sun)

(Graphic by Aidan Sun)

Naomi Gan, Reporter

Dec. 10 marks the United Nations International Human Rights Day. Human Rights Day commemorates the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 while celebrating advancements in human rights and igniting new fights against global injustices. Cultural performances, educational events, public meetings and seminars are held on this day to promote human rights. This year, the worldwide celebration will be extended to the Sea King community as well.

The PVHS Human Rights Coalition, which includes CARE, GSA, BSU and PVOW, are hosting an Orange Ribbon Week from Dec. 6-10 on campus in commemoration of the holiday. 

“We use this week to celebrate the diversity of different peoples and cultures and bring light to the fight for social justice on campus and in our country,” said CARE co-president Will Sasaki. “This year every club has a day where they are going to host a fun meeting or event to highlight different peoples.”

Besides taking part in Orange Ribbon Week, there are a multitude of ways students can become involved in advancing human rights and equality.

“Examine your own privilege and biases and educate yourself on the struggles and perspectives of marginalized people,” CARE co-president Camila Jongsma said. 

Students can find organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) or the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to learn about current issues and find ways to contribute to mitigating these issues. 

“It is vital to be aware of social issues which are prevalent in your community by staying up to date with current events and researching prevalent topics using reliable sources,” Jongsma said. 

“Most importantly you can change your own attitudes and treat everyone with compassion and understanding regardless of their differences to encourage a more empathetic humanity.”