PVFA Continues Fight For Proper Pay

PVFA Salary Comparison With Other South Bay Districts


Data from wearepvfa.org (Graphic by Victoria Nolan)

Victoria Nolan, Reporter

The Palos Verdes Faculty Association (PVFA) is in conflict with the district regarding faculty contract negotiations. For over a year, the PVFA has been advocating for a new labor contract. 

According to members, however, the district is not being very cooperative. 

As a result, the faculty says they are dealing with pay that is lower than any of the neighboring districts.

“The difference in what a teacher makes in Manhattan Beach or Redondo Beach could be up to 10-20 thousand dollars more a year,” PVHS teacher Allyson Klabe said. 

 The low salary at Palos Verdes High School has been an issue for several years.  

“I think historically PVPUSD teachers have not been compensated competitively towards the other South Bay school districts and it is a constant battle…and you know having to do that every year or every other year is a little demoralizing when we’re just fighting for our livelihoods,” Klabe said. 

“Prices of things increase—inflation, cost of living—but we haven’t received an increase in salary to make up for those differences.”

According to the PVFA, the salary for teachers and other faculty does not match the amount of work they do and they are having to pay more out of pocket for health insurance than nearby areas. 

“We’ve done more work for less and on top of that teachers and staff pay more out of pocket for our health benefits than any of our neighboring districts,” Klabe said. 

At the most recent bargaining session on October 22 there was no settlement. Desperate for change, the PVFA decided to take on an action plan. 

In this plan, the teachers across the district will not hold club meetings or reply to emails outside of school hours. They are hoping this stop in working outside of their contact responsibilities will bring attention to parents and students. 

“I hope it does raise awareness for people to understand what we’re asking for and what the constant battle is in our negotiations,” dance teacher Kathleen Mastan said. “And I hope that the parents speak up and contact the school board and let them know everything the teachers do for their kids.”

Teachers hope that this matter will be fixed sooner rather than later.

“What members of the community can do is go to wearepvfa.org to find a powerpoint presentation that was presented at the recent PVFA town hall for the community members from the PVFA president, Tim Coleman,” Mastan said. 

The powerpoint shows most recent offers and salaries in comparison to other school districts, as well as other data highlighting the problem. 

“And from there they can contact the district and school board to let them know their opinions,” Mastan said.