Decoding iPhone Security and Safety Tips

Graphic by Alexa Dox

The world’s technology is constantly growing and expanding in numerous ways that benefit our daily lives. 

Due to this rapid growth in technology, illegal activity to exploit these technologies is also on the rise. 

This suspicious activity is adapting and advancing along with our modern technology, especially among Apple products. 

Recently, in response to increased cybersecurity threats to its users, Apple enhanced their security to protect users from this new criminal activity. 

Apple recently released a new iOS update to its iPhones, which gives users more protection and privacy from hackers and others who might try to exploit user data and activity. 

The company has advertised this new update as having the best protection available to keep your information safe from hackers. 

Another new feature Apple added to the iPhone is a yellow dot indicator light in the status bar, that will turn on when the phone’s microphone or camera is recording. 

In addition, Apple came out with a new feature for anti-tracking. 

This feature stops apps like Facebook and Instagram from tracking your website activity and limits the apps’ access to your phone’s browsing history. 

It is evident that Apple is aware of the importance of updating their security measures on all products, along with taking all necessary steps to eliminate or removing old apps or updates that they deem unsafe.

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