PV Peninsula Votes for School Board, Elects Two Members

CJ Haddad and Frances Stott

Linda Reid was one of the four candidates for the position of board member on the PVPUSD School Board who won one of the two available seats. Reid is currently on the school board and was re-elected by voters. 

She has been a member of the school board since 2014. She has also been a College Admissions Advisor since 2015. 

One of her main priorities is to return students back to school safely after COVID-19. She hopes to continue to provide a depth of academic work. Reid also wants to alleviate some of the stress put on families caused by COVID. Reid wants to ensure that PVPUSD remains one of California’s top-performing districts. 

Jeff Frankel is another one of the two candidates for board member on the school board who won election. Frankel is a member of the PVPUSD Budget Advisory Committee. He is also the Superintendent of Special Education Parent Advisory Group and the Vice Chairman of the Parcel Tax Oversight Committee. 

Frankel wants to reopen the schools safely and reimagine education post-COVID. 

Another one of his priorities is to inspire students to reach their full potential, including special needs, struggling and GATE, as he has a special needs daughter. He says that he is committed to maintaining a balanced budget as achieved in the 2019 to 2020 school year.

Candidates Joseph DiLeva and Aura Imbarus did not recieve enough votes for a win.