Choreo Brings Holiday Cheer to the Riviera

Gabby Rudy, Reporter

As the fall season is coming to a close, the winter holidays are now among us. During this time of year, a favorite tradition of Sea Kings is watching the PVHS Choreo team perform at the annual Redondo Beach Holiday Parade. 

Every year, Choreo dresses up in holiday gear to dance and show off their skills. It’s an event for people of all ages to enjoy the Christmas season and appreciate the talent of their peers. 

“The Holiday Parade is something that my Choreo performers look forward to every year,” said Choreo coach Kathleen Mastan. “I love choreographing dances that my girls are so passionate about performing.” 

Choreographing and performing these themed dances allows Choreo to prepare for the annual Choreo Show in the spring. Luckily for the team, the holiday parade proves to be much less stressful than the pressure-heavy Choreo Show, which is relieving for the dancers. 

“The Holiday Parade is a chance for us to show what we’ve learned to the community through dance, our passion,” said junior Hailey Fitt, who performed in the show this year.