More Power to PVOW

Heather Bryant, Writer

On March 8th, 2019, millions of women and men alike celebrated International Women’s Day worldwide. On campus, PVOW [Palos Verdes Organization Of Women] hosted guest speaker Marissa Hewitt, a former PVHS girls’ lacrosse coach, to discuss her personal experience as a female athlete and coach.

“Growing up there were not very many opportunities for girls to be on sports teams and nowadays, both the number of opportunities and the quality of programs for girls is much greater,” Hewitt said.

“Considering what is known about the benefits of physical activity and team sports, it’s one of those things that everybody should have equal opportunities to do.”

During her lunchtime speech, Hewitt went further into detail about women in sports and how we can serve women in other communities this way.

“I think it’s crucial because access to things like sports, regardless of gender or socio-economic status, is really important, because everybody deserves a chance to compete,” Hewitt said.

PVOW co-president and junior Caroline Pack stressed that International Women’s Day is a day to recognize, celebrate, and cherish our fellow women.

“International Women’s Day is significant to me and so many other women because it is a day of recognition for women who are bettering the world who otherwise don’t get the acknowledgement they deserve,” Pack said.

Pack believes that the sports bra drive with Harlem Lacrosse Club is important for women in sports who struggle to afford these necessities.

“We are teaming up with Harlem Lacrosse Club to bring sports bras to young female lacrosse players who have a difficult time affording and or accessing them so that they can play lacrosse more comfortably,” Pack said.

PVOW advisor Christina Varela believes it is important to have International Women’s Month to acknowledge the accomplishments of women everywhere.

“It’s an important day to celebrate women, the ones that have gone before us that have made our equal rights possible, the ones who’ve contributed so much but haven’t always been recognized, and the ones in our own lives who support and encourage us,” Varela said. “I hope we can look forward to the future at what we need to do for ourselves as women, and the rest of humanity as a whole.”