Keeping Up With the College App Season

Camilla Manis, Writer

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Student checks her Common Application profile. (Photo by Seren Cho)

With the college application period coming to an end, seniors begin to reflect on what was most beneficial for them throughout the entire course.

When beginning the application process senior year, it is important to pick colleges based off of location, overall fit and whether or not the school has their academic interest. After formulating a list of reach, target and safety schools, it is essential for one to start these college applications immediately, due to how time consuming apps can be.

“It’s definitely important to set a time frame for yourself. Narrowing down your college list and visiting those schools the summer before senior year is helpful if it’s not too much of a financial burden,” said senior Luke Bradley.

The summer before one’s senior year is just as significant as the fall; it is a perfect time to start making essay drafts and creating your Common App, Coalition, and UC accounts.

Whether it is by the assistance of a college counselor, trusted teacher or family member, having someone review and edit your applications prior to submitting assures no mistakes and ultimately brings stress levels down. This is why so many students invest money and time in professional help from an official college counselor.

“Having a college counselor through this process helped me fill in the gaps on the things I had no idea about before starting applications. She especially made me feel at ease because I was constantly ahead on material because of her,” said senior Kona Abe.

 Around December, the demanding season of college applications winds down for some, when deadlines are made and people who partake in early action slowly find out their admission status.

By applying early action (EA),  students find out in December and January rather than enduring the painful wait to March. Many Sea Kings choose to take this route not only because of that factor, but also for the slight increased chance of receiving admission and scholarships this option provides.

“Applying early helped me get into my dream school,  because the pool of students is smaller and the ratio of students getting in is higher. Along with the acceptance you are immediately looked at for academic scholarships this way,” said senior Morgan Izuno.

After one acquires their acceptances and rejections, they are inclined to attend the most prestigious school they get into. But when picking a college, the most important thing to consider is your happiness and how much you with thrive at a school, not their ranking.

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