PEF Endorses Student Voice and Programs

Chloe Slome, Writer

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The Peninsula Education Foundation, also known as PEF, has played a major role financially supporting the PVPUSD schools.

Since the program’s inception in 1979, PEF has donated over $40 million to the PVPUSD school district to finance all seventeen PV Peninsula schools as well as their academic, athletic, and musical programs.

As PEF has been funding the PV schools for nearly 40 years, students and parents have been helping to spread the word about why the PEF needs the community’s support.

In an effort to spread awareness and recognition of the organization’s work even more, this year, the PEF foundation initiated the High School Student Ambassador Program at PVHS.

“The Student Ambassadors will work to help build more awareness of the Peninsula Education Foundation and its mission both on their campus and throughout the community”, PEF Executive Director Christine Byrne said.

Seniors Preston Ball and Morgan Mitchell are the two student ambassadors representing PV High, in addition to the other four ambassadors at PVPHS.

The teen ambassadors will serve as liaisons between high school students’ parents, attend district meetings, and expand an understanding and appreciation of what PEF accomplishes.

“No one really knows what it is… it’s basically an organization that’s built to support and give funding to some programs that we wouldn’t be able to have here if it weren’t for PEF,” Mitchell explained.

At PVHS, the high school ambassadors are trying to raise awareness and promote donations to further contribute to the hard work of PEF.

The organization makes an annual pledge of over $3.1 million dollars, which can only be achieved through the assistance of parents and students.

The College and Career Center, STEM, counselors, and scholarships are some of the most valuable programs at school and would not exist without PEF.

To get involved, students can tryout next year to work as a PEF student ambassador and utilize all of the PEF programs.

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PEF Endorses Student Voice and Programs