Future Sea Kings Come to Open House Tonight

January 31, 2018


For eighth graders, their parents, and potential students, this year’s Open House will be a night to remember. Students and faculty of PVHS have worked persistently to prepare for the event, and current and incoming students alike are looking forward to it.

For some students, the Open House experience was an important factor in their decision to attend PV High. Several freshman agree that last year’s Open House promoted a feeling of school spirit.

Freshman Lauren Hammond said, “[Open House] definitely swayed me to go to PV. It made me see the atmosphere and feeling.  It was a lot of fun.”

PV High’s hospitality at Open House is a key component in leading students to our school, as there remains another school on the hill: PVPHS. However, students mentioned that they favored PVHS over PVPHS for these distinct reasons.

Sophomore Gabriella Rudy said, “At the Pen Open House . . . it took so long to get to the different parts of Open House.  At PV, everything is so condensed, and the booths are all together so you see everything, and everyone is spirited in one place. You feel like you’re a family.”

Of the several programs and activities that PV High display at Open House, our award winning student news program, Live from 205 seems to be the most popular. The videos Live from 205 create for Open House represent what PVHS has to offer and has encouraged past students to choose our school.

Junior Sereene Saab said, “My favorite part of Open House would probably be the elaborate videos Live from 205 tirelessly works on for two weeks straight in order to make the experience great for eighth graders.”

The most memorable aspect of Open House was the clubs and programs being advertised by the students. Potential students are able to see and learn about the several activities that are offered on campus.

Freshman Charlotte Shook said, “When we first walked in there were lots of stands for the clubs and everyone was wearing their shirts for clubs or sports and showed off their school pride.”

Junior Mia Brooks stated, “I remember seeing a lot of things that I could join like ASB, BTC, some of those big programs really stood out to me.  I also noticed a lot of sports teams.”

The students who are a part of these clubs and organizations are working to make the event exhilarating and welcoming for future students. Several students are able to represent the incomparable parts of PV High and how they get involved in school.

Junior Jack Good said, “A lot of organizations and clubs come and set up booths so they can attract the attention of the incoming students to say why they should go here.”

To continue, English teacher and BTC Advisor Karen Kostrencich stated, “Clubs are supposed to have some sort of display for their table, but I think it’s just about getting people there, not so much preparation . . . [BTC] is all here that night, and they have to run a table and they also show people around.”

PV High’s annual Open House is an exhilarating event that welcomes and embraces the visit of any and all students and parents. This year’s Open House will be happening on January 31, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. Be sure not to miss out on the highlights of our school’s programs, clubs, and Seaking spirit.


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