New Market Offers New Options

October 5, 2017


Leah Pratley

Students taste the drink offerings at the new market.

With the closing of Fresh and Easy in 2015 came panic among PV High students as they lost the location that they could grab a quick snack or meal before, during, or after school.

This is where Jocelyn Lopez, the owner of the new Lunada Bay Market and Deli, saw the opportunity to fulfill this need.

The Lunada Bay Market is a new grocery store type of place that sells a wide selection of foods ranging from seafood to sandwiches to juice.

A large corner in the market is home to a deli and meat counter where students and community members alike can buy fresh and quality meals.

The market is situated adjacent to the St. Honore Café and thus is in very close proximity to PVHS.

“I like coming here because it’s close by and they take Apple Pay, so if I don’t bring my wallet one day, I can pay using my phone,” said sophomore Riley Murakawa.

It is evident that the market was created with the students in mind, as Lopez said that in the process of opening the store, “I [wondered], what do [the students] want? What do they want to see here?”

Lopez made sure to incorporate elements that catered to this group of people, including stocking highly requested organic foods.

According to the website, the Market’s mission is “to bring a responsible awareness to food while building a touchstone in the community…to gather and share in the pleasure of delicious food.”

The Market is very active in the community and strives to make its customers “feel like family.”

“It just touches my heart to have you in here, it touches my heart when I see people hugging each other in here because they haven’t seen each other in a long time,” said Lopez.

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