Kim Kardashian West: Paris Burglary

     Although burglaries take place each minute, Kim Kardashian West’s break-in is one the most profiled of them all.  In the early-morning hours of October 3rd, West was robbed at gunpoint in her luxurious Paris apartment. The five men who committed the crime were reportedly aged 40 to 50 years old, and collectively stole a total of $11.2 million worth of jewelry.  Within their pursuit of collecting jewelry, the men tied West and the hotel concierge up, while West allegedly questioned whether they would be killed or not.  Kim, remaining physically unharmed from the incident, is currently suffering from anxiety after the attack.  A spokesperson for E! has revealed that “Kim’s well-being is [their] core focus right now,” as she “needed time to focus on her family this week.”  As for her husband Kanye, he had abruptly ended his New York show after hearing the news, in order to aid his wife after the frightening experience.  As of now, Kanye is returning to his tour, and Kim is currently residing in her L.A. home. Since the event, many celebrities have expressed their sympathy for Kim; however, a few have even blamed her for the entire incidence. Creative director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, has argued that one “cannot display your wealth then be surprised that some people want to share it,” referring to the multitude of glamorous selfies Kim posts daily.  In fact, the Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring featured on West’s Instagram was one of the stolen jewelry items, worth approximately $4.5 million alone.  Whether you agree with Lagerfeld’s statement or not, social media undeniably reveals information to the public that may put people in harm.  Therefore, remember to stay safe online, Sea Kings, and only share information that you feel confident with your friends, but also strangers knowing.