M.U.N. is F.U.N

Don’t wait to sign up!

Model United Nations sign-ups are happening until September 13th. Students will choose an allotted interview time upon signing up. The sign-up sheet is outside of room 411 at PVHS. This club is one of the greatest experiences at PVHS. Don’t miss out; sign up!

Model United Nations, a student run organization at PVHS, is a challenging but fun club. In this club, students can increase their knowledge on current events as well as work on their public speaking skills. Students attend at least two conferences per semester, where they meet with teenagers their age at other schools and debate important world events. Not only can they discuss what is happening now, it allows them to travel through time, debating as Ronald Reagan against the government of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, or becoming the Dalai Lama in a future war of China vs. Tibet. The possibilities are endless. MUN allows students to debate all point of views of a situation, as well as talk to new and different people they may have never met.

Model United Nations counts as a class, meaning students get a letter grade per semester. However, the club only meets on Wednesdays during lunch, allowing students to focus on their classes during school, and MUN after school. MUN is one of the best ways to get involved in the school, and it looks great on college applications.

Students in Model United Nations have the rare opportunity to travel to universities as well as high schools all around California. The Berkeley conference, one of the most popular conferences, is a four-day conference that can contain over one hundred students in each conference. At this conference, students have a chance to debate world topics, look at the beautiful University of California, Berkeley, and take a tour of San Francisco! This conference, as well as the club in general, allows students to bond with their classmates as well as students from all over the United States.