New Security Measures

Taylor Moore, Staff Writer

The bell rings, and the PVHS hallways become empty, and as the sound of the Security golf cart fades another sound becomes apparent: low voices and strong sniffing. These noises belong to PV High’s most recent denizens. Our school’s hallways are now being patrolled by a security dog and his handler; acting as a strong deterrent for illegal activities among students. That mechanical clicking and whirring sound when walking down the hallways? Have our devices overthrown our population? Maybe, but not yet. It is simply the zooming in and out of a hallway security camera. The constantly improving Palos Verdes High School has new security measures in place to ensure our safety and well being.
Although there is trust between the administration and the student body, there are reason for the drug dog campus. Teenagers misbehave regardless of the high school, however, the implementation of higher security measures will hopefully prevent illegal activity which could affect students’ college applications and even future careers.
The dog checking out the Sea King campus is a German Shepherd named Lobo. Lobo will be sniff testing lockers, locker rooms, common areas around the school, and parking lots every other week or so. It is fairly common knowledge that the dogs on campus are not necessarily a new thing; the dogs were actually put into place with former Sea King principal Dr. Nick Stephany. When interviewed by the Daily Breeze, Dr. Stephany said, “Drugs are on every high school campus across the country,” he said. “Any drug on campus is a drug problem.” As a whole, Lobo has been a hardworking detective, has not been disruptive to everyday school activities. It seems the majority of Sea Kings are in support of the dogs, but there are always a few who do not agree. Junior McKennah Genovese says, “I really like the dogs. Everyone has the right to their own privacy, but then again it is important to keep the school safe.”
A dog sniffing through lockers is one thing, but the new security cameras have some students concerned over the infringement of their rights. However, to put some nerves to rest, the security cameras only record video, and not sound. Therefore, Sea King’s conversations are still private. Still, many people are still apprehensive about the new measures. “I think [the cameras] are an invasion that’s not necessary in the hallways… I really don’t see the purpose of having them in the hallways,” comments junior Connor Henebry. Teachers also feel strongly about the security cameras.
Although some of the measures may seem a little drastic and personal, administration assures that students do not need to be concerned. If continuing upstanding, courteous, and appropriate behavior, no one will have anything to worry about.